1. recteq-custom-cart-finished.jpg


    Custom RT-700 base / cart using a Jobox toolbox and 4x 5" inch casters. https://www.recteqforum.com/threads/custom-cart-for-recteq-rt-700-bull-grill.3343/
  2. recteq-smoked-turkey-breast.jpg


    Smoked turkey breast turned out amazing on the Rec Teq RT-700. https://www.recteqforum.com/threads/smoked-turkey-breast-on-recteq-rt-700.1210/
  3. S

    Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

    Hey y'all, new to the group. I've had my RT-700 since the beginning of the year and love it more every time. I want to make some pork tenderloins for a group of 30 in the interest of using space well but keep hearing they dry out easily so do them hot and fast. I have three questions: 1. With...
  4. Aceof89

    Sold / Found RecTeq Cover for the RT700 / 1250

    I'm selling the RecTeq Cover for the RT700 / 1250. It's brand new, still in it's original bag. Asking $50.00, shipping included. On RecTeq's website, it's on sale for $76.48. PM me if interested.
  5. P

    Bull Full temp

    Any tips , I’m having trouble achieving full temp with my RT-700
  6. lcurtis

    New here — RT-700

    Hello everyone! New member here, two year owner of an RT-700 and I love it! Only additions to the smoker is door seals and some grill grates. I’m excited to find new recipes on modifications to take my smoker to a competitive level in hopes to compete in spring 2023. I grew up around KCBS...
  7. Aceof89

    Sold / Found RT-700 Pellet Grill $800 OBO

    Includes: RT-700 grill ($1200 new) with interior light Stainless steel front shelf accessory ($110 new) Large removable interior shelf accessory ($70 new) 2 temperature probes 40lb bag of Recteq Ultimate Blend Wood Pellets ($35 new) Looking to downsize to smaller Recteq smoker Less than a year...
  8. MarshalK

    For Sale RT 700 Smoke Box wanted

    Does anyone have a working recteq Smokebox for the RT-700? They have been sold out for a very long time. If not, anyone have any out-of-the-box recommendations for a cold smoke box add-on?
  9. J

    Bull Need cover help!

    We have a brand new RT-700 and are trying to find a cover for it. My Dad owns one also and said he bought the Recteq cover and it was so damn tight it tore the first time he put it on. I've searched high and low on amazon and can't seem to find something with the right dimensions. Has anyone...
  10. Msean

    Sold / Found Bull RT-700 - Sold

    Selling my 2 year old RT-700. Always reliable and holds temps perfectly. Has been under patio. Includes RT factory cover, front stainless shelf, 3 piece grill grates, 2 temp probes, and 20 lbs bag of pellets. Asking $725 OBO. Pickup in OC, California
  11. whta

    Bull Big green egg owners

    Question for BGE owners. I’m currently in the research phase and I am leaning heavily towards the 700. For those that came from a BGE, we’re you ok with the lack of smoke flavor as compared to the BGE? Not saying “how great thou art” about egg, but a lot of reviews talk about the amount of...
  12. W

    Needed a grill spot/area

    Picked up the BULL over the summer and really didn’t have a spot I liked having it and didn’t want it on our new Trex deck so just made this small platform deck and picked got a grill gazeebo for it. Was first time building anything like this so not bad. Planning on doing a 20lb bird this week.
  13. troupk13

    First Cook on the new Bull

    Took the plunge and upgraded a few weeks ago to an RT-700 after years of using vertical pellet smokers. Recteq is all it’s cracked up to be. Pulled Pork First Smoke
  14. BradBQ

    Bull Custom Prep Table from 700 Legs

    Like many of you I ended up with a spare set of legs from my grill. Figured I’d take the opportunity to show off what we used it for a bit! I had a spare horn due to one being dinged upon delivery so thought It’d be best used in conjunction to the grill! Handmade butcher block table made of red...
  15. F

    Bull Electrical Problem Solved

    I had a heart-stopping experience, but fixed it. I thought it may be of use to anyone on here. I just got my RT-700 and for my 3rd cook, invited a whole bunch of people over. The cook had to start at 4AM so when I went out there, and set everything up and plugged it in, it kept throwing the...
  16. Doubt3

    Bull RecTeq Bull burn in and first cook

    The Bull was assembled, connected to wifi, burned in and then I cooked chicken thighs at 400. The thighs came out fairly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Ready for a low and slow cook but that probably won't happen this weekend as a tropical storm is heading this way, so maybe...
  17. chadinsc

    Bull BFG auger motor in the RT-700. It's awesome!

    I called rec teq and asked if the faster 3rpm auger motor from the bfg would work in the 700 (2rpm) and was told that it will and that they are actually testing that motor for a future upgrade for the 700. so i ordered one and it was a simple install. my grill now heats up at near gas grill...
  18. D

    Bull What side tends to run hotter on the RecTeq Bull?

    What side tends to run hotter on the Bull? I haven’t bothered with a bread/biscuit test. I’ve always heard the smoke stack side was hotter but didn’t know if that was true.
  19. Mpg123

    New RT700 Owner + custom rig

    spent the last 3 weeks building the rig (cedar w/ porcelain tile top) in prep for the 700 (arrived today). Gonna break her in tonight with the initial 400 degree smoke and then hit some ribs this weekend. Happy to have joined the RecTec family!
  20. Mike

    Bull Custom Cart for RecTeq RT-700 Bull grill

    Nearly three years ago I detailed how I modified my stock recteq (rectec at the time) bull smoker in the How to do the Rec Tec wheel mod. This mod worked pretty well but there were a few things that started to bother me - such as the air up tires and having to make sure they were at the proper...