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1250 arrived! Assembly complete! Ready for the burn in and first cook, but the auger isn’t turning on…. Customer support time! Anyone run into that before? I won’t be a Recteq newb forever. 😀
Waiting patiently for my new RT 1250 ! ;)
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Mine took 2 weeks for delivery...
Mine took less than a week. Depends on how quickly the LTL carrier can move this through their supply chain and where you are located. It is hard to wait...
HELP ! I have a Bullseye and only used it once. Today I was preparing to cook my Brisket. Prior to ignition I place a Water Pan under the grate. Little did I know but the damn pan had a pinhole in it. Before I could take it out it leaked into the pot. I then proceeded to scrape all of the wet pellets. However now the igniter won’t light. Dead cold. Now what do I need to do.