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Question on mixed meat cooking temps and times.
I will be smoking chicken drumsticks (with Asian Persuasion rub) and pork back ribs (with Greek rub) today.
I put the ribs on already for low and slow smoking but at what point do I turn up the heat and put on the drumsticks and at what temperature?
"Lo" I assume is 180F? The next temp up is 200F.


  • 20221014Pork Back Ribs (Meijer) and Chicken Drumsticks (Costco).JPG
    20221014Pork Back Ribs (Meijer) and Chicken Drumsticks (Costco).JPG
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Hey @RolandS , try posting this in one of the main forums. These profile posts get lost and anyone trying to reply is limited to 400 characters as they're sort of just "intro" posts. You did a challenging cook that I've never tried. Combos are tricky, particularly as unique as drumsticks and ribs. Hope it worked.