Superbowl Cooks - Whatcha Cooking?

I smoked my baby back ribs for 5 hours then wrapped them in foil and put in a 180F oven just to hold them. My probe indicated meat temp was 165F when I pulled and wrapped them. They tasted great..,meaty & succulent.

My smoked wings turned out pretty good. I smoked at 225 for 2 hours and pulled them into a pan. They got to 146F-150F when I pulled them. In small batches, I then finished them in the air fryer to crisp up…390F for 5 minutes. Then tossed them in different sauces. The small batches were so we could try different sauces or ribs on them. 8 lbs of wings. I ate the 5 leftover wings for breakfast this morning. 🤭



Posting this a little late as I had to jump on a plane for travel. Here are some of my S-Bowl goodies. I only uploaded a few and didn’t take a pic of the second pork butt or the brisket. The menu included carnitas tacos and burritos, pulled pork sandwiches (NC style with home made cole slaw), home breaded chicken wings, chili (spicy smoked and regular), brisket, and a bunch of other stuff. No complaints were lodged for this event!






We did BB ribs and wings, both came out great but my timing was all off. The ribs were done when I went out to put on the wings, seems I had my temp probe in a bad spot, it said 185 when in fact the ribs were over done. I use the probe just to get me in the ball park and I should start getting ready for the finishing steps. Oh well, they came out good, just not together.
Funny, I almost always cook ribs by time, not temp. Those and cream cheese I don't probe. I wonder....:unsure:

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