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Love the convenience of a pellet grill, but still love the flavor of a charcoal grill. Pork chops on the menu tonight along with a salad rooted in Oaxaca! View attachment 21177View attachment 21178

Ok seriously- the bugs are like croutons? Or bugs are dressed like a bulgar wheat salad?
Dry rub overnight frigitated & apple slice external/internal tucked in, 2+ lb. bourbon bacon-wrapped and smoked pork tenderloin. The stainless fish spatlua was just large enough to coax off of the RT-1250 :)

I did the heavy lifting a day in advance and then sliced and heated before "devouring"...

Bargain shopping.... 26 drumsticks, 4 bone-in strip, 3 pans pork/beef meatloaf, 4 peperoni/sausage detroit pizzas (sheet pan). I get a few days off now as the left overs are devoured. We get our signals crossed every now and then, there's a buildup of raw materials and it has to get used. The meatloafs were done on the recteq, steaks and chicken messed up my foil (fubar) - so pizzas were just done inside in the convection oven. Busy day - time for a drink!
Balut is the only thing I kinda regret not trying. Filipino neighbor cooked up a batch, offered them to me and I said I wasn't drunk enough yet. Watched him eat quite a few - he took small bites to show me the pin feathers on the head, the heart, etc. Interesting to watch, wasn't brave enough to try at the time.
I’m losing light, but open faced stuffed peppers. Ground beef, basmati rice, hot breakfast sausage, tomato paste, Parmesan, Italian spices, mozzarella on top.
Nothing raw but the peppers, so I’m just giving it a little smoke and some heat for it all to come together.

Edit: Well Tornado watch and Severe Thunderstorm warning dictate I must remove the food a little earlier than I thought. Grill will get rained on without a cover, it would be nice if the tornado took it to OZ.
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I’ve done whole-hog, full sized cooks with a BBQ team years ago, but I’ve never attempted one on a pellet grill. Neal from Pellets and Pits aka The Flat Top King Has just posted this video today of his first pig cook for a pellet grill. He really nailed it IMO and might tempt me to make one this year. Pellets & Pits pig video
1hour on the steaks, it’ll be dark for the final pic, just took them off and waiting for 400* to finish on the grill grates.

6 hours cold smoke on the cured pork tenderloins. You can see the maze at the bottom about half burned through the pellets.

Some Saturday night pizzas on the Bullseye. Bought par baked crust from a local Italian grocery store. The manager was raving about them and bragging how they are flown in weekly from Rome. They were fine. But the texture and taste reminded me of English muffins. The sauce was Mutti brand garlic and oregano. That was the best sauce I've ever put on a homemade pizza, and it's really not even close.

Pizza 3-2-24.jpg
OK - Imagine a baker's dozen worth of thighs, looks like blackened seasoning on them...
Didn't want to bore you with an actual photo of thighs....

Real reason for the post is Traeger Rub - Garlic and Chili Pepper. Great on Steak, Great on Chicken, so far - I've only used it twice but want to use it on everything.

I've got a second pack I was going to use a different rub on, but now I'm just going to season them the same way and throw them on in a few minutes.

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