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Today, I decided to make good use of the Trailblazers wifi controller. I had a 4lb Chuck I was wanting to smoke, but wasn’t going to be able to make it home in the morning to get things going for dinner around 6pm. I decided to take advantage of the chilly morning and set up for a remote start. The chuck was dry brined overnight, so all that was needed was to insert the probes, plug it in and go to work. The temp outside was 35, so I wasn’t worried about the meat sitting out for a few hours until I would turn the smoker on. Plus, I didn’t think any critters would be a problem.

At 10am, I opened up the app and showed a friend of mine how easy it was to start it. Ten minutes later, the temp hit 225 and all was good. I didn’t think having the chuck in the smoker while ramping up would hurt anything and it probably helped in getting a quick shot of smoke. I figure if it looks like it may get done a little sooner, than that would be a great excuse for me to leave work early. Very cool indeed.

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