SRF Wagyu Corned Beef Round at Costco

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I was shuffling through Costco today and spotted this. It was all alone. At first I just rubbed my eyes and shook my head like my dog when he wakes up. Then I thought I'd take some pictures for you guys...then it struck me that St Patrick's day is around the corner. I looked up the price on the SRF site...$119! Then I got paranoid that someone would grab it before I picked it up. I looked around like I was on Candid Camera and grabbed it. I looked at the package for a Costco label to make sure one of my bbq friends weren't punking me. I put it in my cart a hurried away, looking over my shoulder like I just stole a double saw buck off the collection plate in church.

I’ve found it periodically at our local Costco and it is amazingly good corned beef. Whenever I find it, I grab as many as I can and freeze them.
This was the first time I noticed it. It was laying in the separate cooler where they have the Prime and sometimes their packaging of Wagyu meats.
This was the first time I noticed it. It was laying in the separate cooler where they have the Prime and sometimes their packaging of Wagyu meats.
Around St. Patrick’s Day, for the past year or two, our local Costco has had a big display case full of corned beef that has included the SRF Wagyu product. That time is approaching again, so keep an eye peeled for it in the coming weeks.
Great buy, I am heading out to Costco on Monday or Tuesday, will be looking for this!
Thanks Greg
Is there a big difference between Japanese A5 wagyu and the SRF wagyu other than one is from Japan and one from America?
Just my theory about the Japanese and Kobe (Wagyu) beef:

Generalizing, Japanese tend to cook the crap out of red meat and make it into a dry and flavorless piece of leather. I'm half Japanese, with my mother being from southern Japan and I have lived in Japan 7 years. Japanese people just cook beef differently than Americans and have different expectations. I know. My mother cooked the crap out of every piece of beef she served me. There were no medium or medium rare steaks. Just well done or extra well done. It was the same in restaurants in Japan (I'm sure there are upscale/modern restaurants in the big cities where a rare steak can be had, I just haven't been to them).

I think the Japanese invented Kobe beef to make a steak they could cook the crap out of and still be juicey and flavorful. I can't imagine eating a Japanese A5 NY steak cooked rare. I think it would not be appealing.
Having also lived in Japan, my experience is that Japanese cuisine uses beef (or any other meat) as more of a flavoring agent rather than the primary ingredient. Serving up slabs of meat as the main ingredient of a meal is more of a western thing; a completely different cooking style. And, while I do enjoy cooking and eating meat, I still have a great appreciation (and, fondness) for Japanese and other Asian cuisine. It has a simple elegance that makes dining a pleasant experience. YMMV

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