Trailblazer Wifi connection issues

new update: so it has been over 3 weeks now since I was promised it would be fixed after that week end. have called back and left messages, have emailed the support specialist that was dealing with the issue, no reply, no call back no fix. Recteqs awesome C/S has apparently went to crap.
Sounds like you have been more than accommodating for this item. I also have a ”spare” controller from RT’s “School of Hard Knocks” and know it can be frustrating. I also like to play with my tech toys and currently run Ubiquiti equipment that includes 3 routers (subnetted with triple redundancy), about 10 access points of various types (my neighbors can see my signal from almost a 1/2 mile away), and other infrastructure mods. I have done site surveys and the older controller in my RT700 had problems “latching” on some of the higher channels on my router periodically. To combat this, I reserved a lower channel on my wireless router (i,e., take off auto channel select) and manually added the mac address for the RT700 (with a reserved IP address) to make sure reboots and devices dropping off and re-establishing connections would not create a conflict. This worked for me but you may have already tried so I offer the following potential issue that I found using RF frequency scanning devices. I had some legacy incandescent and fluorescent dimmer switches that had LED bulbs in their sockets. With this configuration, they may act as a signal repellant. When on high, they don‘t generate a lot of RF but when dimmed down (say 30-75%) where I assume I have undetectable flicker or phase noise, I can see the signals became unstable. Layer on top of that the microwave oven being used with the magnetron and its capacitor at full capacity (i.e., on high) and my RF spectrum looks like a bunch of cats chasing mice. I know this may not help but is it possible to move your grill or your router within 10 feet of each other to see if the signal strength is dropping off? My house was built in the 60s when they used “chicken wire” in the drywall so I am trying to send a signal through a Faraday cage which is no bueno for some devices.

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