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I picked up a 380X last week and was able to use it for several cooks over the weekend. I was looking for a grill to replace my old Vermont Castings (30 years old) grill that would give me several options while cooking. I am just starting to smoke, as my wife wasn't a fan but has warmed up to it after purchasing Pit Boss PP150PPG for the motorhome. So this weekend I picked up a 6-pound prime rib roast for the first cook. I have done two burn-ins during the week and seasoned the grill. The prime rib was fantastic. It was 38–45F outside, and the grill temperature was rock solid. I started on low temperature for an hour, then kicked it up to 250, and it held the temperature with no problem. The second cook was a pizza at 500, and it also came out excellent, almost as good as a wood-fired pizza. last was just a couple of burgers that I cooked at 500, and they also came out excellent.

So far, I am very pleased with the grill, as it performed very well. The only problem I had was that the app did not send notifications. I see many others have had the same problem with the app for several years, so I ran through a few steps, such as deleting the app, but had no luck yet. I would love to have this function, so I'm going to contact RecTeq to see if they have any ideas.
Welcome to the forum!

I am slightly new to the 380X. Bought it a couple of months ago. I found that it really likes to start at 225 and settle there before cranking up the temps. If I try to start it 350 or higher it has big temp swings. I also clean out the fire pot every 3-4 cooks and place a handful of pellets in the fire pot after dumping. I love it to do little cooks after work and supplement my RT700 with "overflow" cooking. Steaks are great on it at 500.

For a more "traditional" flavor I use a 50/50 mix of Royal Oak Charcoal Pellets and Ultimate Blend Pellets. I use Recteq pellets because they are just across town from me. I will also use a mix of flavored wood from time to time. It is easier to empty the 380X hopper than it is to do the 700's hopper when changing pellet flavors.

I calibrated the temp probe because I use the charcoal mix. The charcoal burns a little hotter than straight wood pellets. I used my Thermoworks Square Dot. As long as you keep the lid closed, it is rock steady with the temps. It does recover pretty fast when you do have to open the lid.

The app is a good feature but does lack consistency. I have it on both mine and my wife's phone and her phone will get the notifications when mine won't sometimes. It's great to be able to start it up away from home and it be ready when you get there.

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