Installing a Folding Front Shelf for Tailgater Accessories BAC361 (20 Series)


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I have read several threads about installing a folding front shelf made for the Traeger 20 series on the 340. It appears the best installation involves drilling holes in the stainless steel drum of the 340. This is a big step for me. How difficult is it to drill holes in the stainless steel? What is a good procedure to drill these holes? I see that care must be used to avoid a conflict with the drain for the drip pan. It also appears that I could drill holes in the legs of the 340 and avoid drilling in the drum. Has anyone tried this approach? if so, anyy comments regarding this installation


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6D5740AD-39C6-4FD7-9ECD-4549A975DDF5.jpeg This is the first version of a shelf I put on mine. Brackets from amazon and board/nuts and bolts from Home Depot. Took the idea from another post on the bigger grills. tried to use magnets but they kept slipping so I drilled 4 holes in the black flat part under the barrel for the brackets. Only problem is when it’s all folded up the shelf is a little big.

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