Finally! (sub-zero)


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As crazy as it may sound - we had a frickin' mosquito in our car just last week! We were downtown Chicago. So anyway now with the deep freeze - I can start the cold smoking. I guess it means different things to different people, but for me - literally just smoke, no heat. Salting 3 pork loins now in fist sized portions, to smoke around the end of January. Fist sized because on a good weekend it's "party sized" otherwise the kids can make sandwiches out of it. Costco had $8 off per loin - so I grabbed the 3 smallest ones I could find. There's so much meat (3 loins), I'm thinking to use the recteq as the cold smoker. I'm going to put an AMAZING smoker maze in the bottom of the 1070 (gutted of everything else) and I can do all 3 loins at the same time.
Pics end of January I guess. Anyone else into curing and smoking?

PS: Sub-zero because I have actually had a load of meat in a smoker and opened up the door/lid to a horror show. Gotta be after ALL the bugs have died off.....
Cold weather is a great time to "cold" smoke stuff
We enjoy different Smoked Cheeses and getting Smoke on the Meat before drying it for "Smoked" Jerky
This may be old news to some, but I put a "Smoke Daddy" "Big Kahuna" smoke generator on my 700/Bull. If I had it to do all over again, I would have purchased the larger "Magnum", only because of the ability to put an ever larger wood chip charge in it. I don't have to always fill it all the way either.

The Big Kahuna fully charged gives me about an hour and a quarter of smoke, depending on where I have the air pump set. The nice thing about a separate smoke generator is that I don't have to even power up the 700. So, I can cold smoke any time of the year. The max temp that I have seen in the barrel in the middle of summer with direct sunlight hitting it is about 90 degrees. Lower ambients and indirect sunlight causes the barrel temp to go down to 60 or 70 degrees.

I have found that the Big Kahuna (and I assume the Magnum) is that they are not maintenance free. A fair amount of creosote builds up in the Smoke Daddy discharge tubes that goes into the 700. I use a Bernzomatic torch to burn most of it up, then plunge the bore with an old chunk of 1/2" stainless rod that I had laying around. Minor inconvenience, but then, so is cleaning the grill grates.

Oh, and yes, I cold smoke baby backs and rib roasts for one charge, pull them off, season them, start up the 700 and proceed to cook as normal. They've been coming out pretty good.
I have a 40 year old New Braunfels vertical smoker that I use for cold smoking periodically. It is about 5’ tall with several water pans between the racks and the sticks I burn. I can close all the vents and keep it at around ambient. When I add ice (I like block style) the temps can stay at ~60F most of the time. If I use a couple of smoke tubes I can drop the temps into the 50s with no problem as long as the outside temps are under 65F.

Theoretically 12 hours. 6 if you light it from both ends for a heavier smoke.
I would just be using the 1070 as a box - no power, no nothing.
My kamado works great, but I did 3 pork loins today so I'm going to try using the 1070 because it has more sq in.


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