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Hi all,
Pulled the trigger and my 1300 is on its way! Very excited, can’t wait. I am curious, however, at the lack of YouTube videos on the 1300. Most new pellet products have a slew of YouTubers posting reviews, unboxing, first cook, etc videos, but the 1300 has none (other than recteq’s own). Any thoughts why?
It seems RecTeq has entirely stopped sending out review units of their grills. In my mind, there are no good or reasonable explanations for this other than that they don't want potentially bad PR.
I must admit that trying to keep up with Recteq's product offerings in the last couple of years will make you dizzy. Tried and true products like the 700 and 590 have been discontinued. The "latest and greatest" from a couple of years ago like the 1250 and 1070 are also now gone in favor of new models. This year's product offerings no doubt need time to establish user bases....and that assumes that the current offerings make if more than a year or so before being changed up again.

Fortunately, things like the controller, auger motor, cast iron heat deflector, etc. seem to have settled down meaning that many of the grills are relatively consistent "guts" despite the messing around with the form factor/packaging.

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