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Did ribeyes on my new 700. 225° until IT of 118° when I then set controller to full to heat up my Sear Grates. I could only get to 440°. I've read where some have had the same issue. I said, "Screw it," and put them on the grate any way. As I stood there waiting to turn the steaks, I noticed that I forgot to shut the meat probe port on the side. As soon as I did that, the temperature started rise drastically. I was in it too deep to let it max out, so I went on searing 2 min, turn, 2 min, flip, 2 min, turn, 2 min. The steaks were cooked to perfection with an IT of 157°. I wish the sear would have been better. It probably would have had I figured out the probe port earlier. It would have easily gotten to above 500+° had I had more patience. Just an FYI if anyone is having trouble getting a high temp on full. Close the probe port! It makes a huge difference! The outside temperature during the cook was 42°.


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I will have to try that. I admit, I rarely pay much attention to the port. I bet mine is always open. Some others have also sealed the smoker itself. I bet that can help. Mine is pretty inconsistent around how high it will go. There seem to be a lot of factors that impact it. Pellets, wind, etc.

I think some of the experts here can help you with the pellet flow/rate. I think moving that up helps too.

One last comment. For my best sear marks, consider putting a light coat of high burn point oil on your grates before you put them in. I use a paper towel wadded up and swab avocado oil on the grates. I wait about 20 mins with the steaks resting (sometimes 30 is really thick). When i put my steaks down they really sizzle. Also, this is a minor point, but when you do your twists, move them on the grates. Your meat does bring the temp down on the grates. I twist the same rates you listed, but i move them around the grates. This ensures the highest temp when the steaks hit the grate and oil to help with the marking.

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