New Owner: Clean Burn?


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  1. Flagship 1100

New Flagship 1100 owner here, and new to pellet smokers in general. I've done the initial burn off, and cooked wings, thighs, and most recently a pork shoulder. I've cleaned it up after the shoulder, but curious if people do a clean burn on pellet smokers? ie, as you would on a kamado after a long smoke to burn off all the grease. Get temps up to around 500+ and hold for awhile to burn it all off.

Right now I've replaced the foil on the drip pan, wiped away any grease elsewhere (just a little bottom of the barrel on the right), and cleaned the fire pot. But was curious if people to clean burns as well.

So far, enjoying the Recteq!
I've done it plenty of times, no issues. I don't foil, however.
I clean out the ash, re-foil, and reprime the firepot pretty regularly. I mostly cook low and slow so that seems to do the trick. If I'm going to make pizzas or something else on high heat, I will run the cooker at high heat for a while before putting any food in it to burn off the accumulated gunk from slow cooking. I found that if I did not do that, the first couple of pizzas have a distinct "burnt grease" taste.

I honestly spend more effort cleaning the outside of the grill for cosmetics and even that's just a regular wipe down with stainless steel cleaner.
Thanks. Good to know. I will be doing a mix of low/slow and grilling at higher temps, and that was my thought. ...residual grease impacting the taste of the next cook.

I've been a kamado guy for the last 10yrs, and always burned everything off regularly after long smokes.

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