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So I just took delivery of my new 590 this past Thursday. To break in the smoker I had friends over Saturday and smoked a spatchcock chicken, chicken legs, and beef sausage. Turned out excellent! That morning I picked up a 14lb Prime brisket from Sam's Club. I trimmed the brisket and applied my various rubs. Using a mix of oak and charcoal pellets I started the brisket at 11pm last night. Temp was set at 200 degrees. Woke up at 6:30 and internal temp was 265ish with the smoker holding strong at 200. Wrapped the brisket in butcher paper and raised temp to 250. Went to church and once I got home the brisket was close to 195. About 1pm I was finally at 203 to 205 and probe tender. Pulled brisket and let rest till 2:45pm. Had the In-laws over and sliced the brisket and OMG... It was amazing. The smoke flavor was spot on and the brisket just melted in your mouth. Best investment I've made in a long time! 20210327_162930_HDR.jpg Screenshots_2021-03-27-23-45-47.png
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Delicious! Great way to keep in your in-laws’ good graces. I plan the same approach.

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