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I really want to JUST own this pellet smoker and nothing else (to save space). I want to not only use this for smoking obviously but also grilling hambugers, chicken breast, etc.

How long does this smoker take to get to 500-600 degrees? My pit boss, which is actually nice, takes WAY too long (more than 30 minutes to even reach a high temp.

Before I spend $1200 on something, I want to make sure I would notice a difference in the time it takes to get to temperature..

Any thoughts? Thanks everyone.
I have a RT-590 and I can get to 500 in about 15 minutes usually. I can get it to 600+ everytime, but thats at least another 15 minutes on top of that.
Unless you get something like the Bullseye models, these pellet grills are not ideal for anything over 400F IMHO.
I agree for grilling but my 1250 holds good temp at 475 to bake using dutch ovens. It was my #1 reason for buying a pellet cooker with a controller that doesn't swing more than 5 degrees on average.

We are very new to the RecTeq Flagship 1100 - only completed 12 cooks so far. We love the reverse-searing on the GrillGrates that we bought to accompany the smoker.

Recently, however, we decide to do seared tenderloin. It took the 1100 15 minutes to get to 450 degrees. The GrillGrates were hotter (maybe 590) based on IR thermometer, but I forgot to change the emissivity setting of the IR "gun" for aluminum to get the most accuracy.

Anyway, the tenderloin came out fabulous - juicy and tasty! It was so easy and quick! We are therefore thrilled with the versatility and have "replaced" (though not yet sold) our LP gas grill.

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I cook burgers at 400F on my RT-700 and have been pleased. It’s really the wood-fired taste I’m after. Same with steaks. Grill marks are attractive but I don’t hang my hat on them nor consider my cook a success or failure with or without them.

I used the “Grill Grates” (brand) several times on my 700. It jacks up the surface temperature and gave me the grill marks. Unfortunately, I found that they made the steak tough…even with the meat’s center at medium/medium rare. I put them away in a storage container and haven’t used them since.

I’ve done my reverse sears on the 700 and then slap them on my gasser for the last minute sear.

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