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I got my grill on Friday and of course it was heavy down pours all day yesterday. Today, I did the initial burnout for an hour and then put on 6 nice sized chicken quarters. I couldn't get over that it got up to 400 in less than 4 minutes with it being 45 outside.

I did the usual overnight rub on the chicken and did a mop around the last hour of the cook. I set the unit up to 230 and 4 hours later was some of the best chicken I have made. Consistent temperature and smoke is really the key. I have made some good chicken on my chargriller dual with a sfb, but this was much more moist with a good, but not strong smoke flavor. I'm really happy with the first go around with it. Also, for some reason, our power went out for about 10 seconds midway without any issue with the smoker. Couldn't even tell the power went out. The app is great too. I was able to run some errands and still check in on the smoking.

Too bad I waited so long to pull the trigger!


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  1. Trailblazer
Congrats on your purchase! I am a new Trailblazer owner too. I look forward to doing some chicken to compare to my Pit Barrel Cooker and Weber Kettle with vortex. My RT-340 sure nailed it on Thanksgiving turkeys. Enjoy the new cooker and smoke on!

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