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I’ve been waiting for these for a month now. If you like pastrami and your Costco sells these Snake River Farms Wagyu corned beef rounds (Costco labeled them as flats) I highly recommend you give these a try. I know Some of you like to do your pastrami from scratch but these are worth a try. $8.99 per lb. at our Costco, up $1 per lb. from last year.
That's still a pretty great deal. You just inspired me to look at the Snake River Farms direct website. They're considerably more expensive at the moment.

I hate going to Costco due to the lines and crowds, and, at least for me, all of the local Costco's are in rather unsavory areas where I don't just need a gun, but extra ammo. I may have no choice. Doing corned beef from scratch was fun, but I do want to try theirs and see if my weeklong science project is worth the effort. I appreciate the info @Waterboy!

I need to get down to my local Costco and see if they have SRF corned beef again this year. I bought about a dozen of them last year and they were great. Time for more!

Fortunately, my Costco is located in an area where I don’t need a gun and extra ammo like @Pacman. :ROFLMAO: That said, I am licensed to carry concealed so you’ll never know if I am “packing.” :rolleyes:
Made a run over to my local Costco today and picked up these SRF Wagyu corned beef packages.

View attachment 18719
View attachment 18720

And, the best part was that no ammunition was expended and no one was hurt. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Let's no go overboard:
"TV presenter Bob Wilson's son-in-law was killed by corned beef sandwich NOT sea urchin. The son-in-law of TV presenter and football legend Bob Wilson died from an extremely rare form of food poisoning after eating a corned beef sandwich, an inquest heard today."
I went to my local Costco yesterday hoping to find some corned beef in the bags. I saw a refrigerated case that had SNF wagyu CB as well as Morton's CB. The SNF was $8.99/lb. I had previously looked at the SNF online site and jumped on these at Costco as their price was much cheaper. I may go back on Monday and buy a couple more.
I've never smoked CB before so I was hoping somebody on this forum who has smoked them before might offer some tips on how to smoke.
I'll be Googling as well but would prefer to hear some input from REC members. Thanks, Tom
@woody31949 soak the corned beef in water overnight changing the water a couple of times in the evening and once again when you get up in the morning. Apply a pastrami rub (there are tons on the internet and I’m traveling so I don’t have my recipe available). Smoke on low for a couple of hours then go to 250. Take the IT to 190-200. Cool it overnight in the fridge and slice thin (preferably with a slicer).
Good luck, the Wagyu is hard to beat.
Some of you folks get a much higher grade of meats at Costco then I can, best I see is every once in a while one of the near by stores has something in Prime, even the brisket is usually just choice.
Some of you folks get a much higher grade of meats at Costco then I can, best I see is every once in a while one of the near by stores has something in Prime, even the brisket is usually just choice.
It seems to vary a bit at the two Costco stores I visit. They usually have a section set aside for USDA Prime meat and that's where I check first. There's nothing wrong with Choice; you just have to be more selective. When I can't find Prime, I look for the best marbling I can find in the Choice stock.
Isn't available at my local Costco (Evansville, IN). Went in and asked about it at the service desk, and was told it's available only to certain regions. It was like pulling teeth to get her to even check.... Sure wish I coulda left with a few.
I picked up 2, yesterday, that look like they are from the top round cap cut.
I believe they are. For some reason my Costco listed them as flats. Probably just didn’t change the label from the corned beef flats they do sell.

I hope some of you that are trying these for the first time post your results. I’d be interested to hear what you think. I plan to cook up three next week.
Then, there were two! This week , we had one of the three SRF briskets I picked up recently, My wife fixed it in the slow cooker (I don’t have the RT-340 moved to the new house yet) and it was one of the best we’ve ever had. The SRF corned beef (whatever cut it is) is simply outstanding! We got one full, traditional meal (cabbage, boiled potatoes, etc.) and two generous CB sandwich meals (on fresh-baked Ciabatta rolls) out of it.

Gonna pick up several more SRF CBs before St Paddy’s Day. For those new to the SRF CB at Costco, they usually disappear from stock right after then. Get 'em while they last!
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I smoked my first three SRF corned beef Yesterday and sliced them up tonight. They turned out great for me but a little peppery for my wife. Once they go on a sandwich she’ll think it’s fine.
My wife is a little too efficient and had them packaged before I could get a good picture of the full finished product. These are the best pictures I could get.

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