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I am just curious on other bbq sites peeps rave about the timberline series of pellet smokers you have the 1300 and 850 and now they have the d2 controllers which imo is just a marketing tool are there any timberline people here that have made the switch over to RECTEC???

for me i was almost set on Treager Timberline 1300 cause of the extra 2 shelves and it being insulated(a lot of peeps i know rave about timberline)
in January i called treager to place my order but a funny thing happened they said they were out of stock and check back in a month or so.

Thats when i called RECTEC i told them my above story and they told me to hold off till the feb annoucement now what company tells you to hold off buying and at that time i was also considering a bull but i was in love with the versatility of the 1300.

so long story short i waited and pretty soon as soon as it ships i will be getting the bfg

now not cooking on a treager pellet grill i really dont or cant compare to cooking on a RT but what are your views as to the insulated body of timberline and their new grills seem not to be insulated did they have an issue with they hold the heat better then any other pellet

also imo the customer service for treager is terrible they could not answer any of my questions plus its unacceptable to tell a future customer to check in monthly to get a product they want


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Sorry, I can't address your question directly as I didn't/don't own a Timberline series.

However, I was a Traeger guy for 7 years and made the switch this year to RecTec with the Bull.

I can say without doubt, that the RecTec I own is far superior. I think Traeger charges way to much for a product that is less in quality and performance. I think they get away with it because it is more well known.

I did my extensive research which included personal experience and conversations with owners of both.

To each his own, but for me, I'm much happier using my RecTec.


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I have no experience with a Timberline, but owned a Traeger for about 6 years. I just received my Bull a week ago, and without a doubt my Traeger wasn’t even in the same ballpark as this Bull. I did tons of research as well, and could not be happier with my Rec Tec.

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