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So I did a 15lb prime brisket from Costco Friday night on the Bull. I trimmed it to the best of my first time I’ve ever cooked a brisket ability. Put on at midnight at 225, expecting the stall around 6am. Woke up at 6 and it appears to have stalled at 154 on the flat a little before 5. I wrapped it in pink butcher paper and threw it back on, same temp. Let it ride expecting it to be to 200+ by 2ish, then put in a cooler for a few hours. By 2 the flat was about 193 and the point was 25 degrees less. I tested for probe tender, but having never tested that way, may have missed my window. I cranked to 275 until 3pm and pulled it. It was 203 on the flat and 176 at the point. I put in a cooler until 5 and then sliced. It was good but tough and a little dry. Had to cut it with a knife to eat it.

I welcome your feedback. Thank you in advance.


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Make sure your probe isn't in a pocket of fat. Close to 200 is when I start probing for tenderness. I don't wrap until the bacrk is the way I want it. 235 all the way though for me on my bull has yielded the best results. Not to mention, you have to let it rest. I sit mine on the counter wrapped until it comes down to about 185, wrap in a towel, and toss in a cooler. All trial and error. Last one I just finished was a little overdone on the point, but was still moist.


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