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My name is Patrick and I've been smoking meat for about ten years now. I started off with a Traeger, then another.....and another. Took the last one back to Costco and bought myself a Jim Bowie, by GMG from a nearby dealer. Very happy with my JB Original and even upgraded it to a controller with wifi, full set of Grate Grates and a Godke DownDraft. It's still in excellent condition and super reliable. Wanted to compliment my JB with a searing buddy, so I bought the Bullseye with Griddle plate. Riot Mode has gotten me to 742 degrees so far. Thanks for staying to read my story. Hope to engage with every one of you while we talk great food!!

Patrick aka the Funcle


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Surprise, AZ
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Welcome, You have a one up on me but I to am looking forward to get started on my Bullseye. I was turned to pellet grilling by my friend in Roseville. Always good to have fresh ideas.


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Welcome to the family Patrick! After spending years cooking on charcoal and gas, I wanted something different. A few friends and co-workers had pellet grills of other brands and they were always talking how easy it was to cook with one. That sparked my interest enough to begin my research. After close to one year reading online, I ended up w/ the RT-700 "Bull". I could not be any happier. This grill is so versatile and I smile every time I eat something that comes off of it. I'm saving up for a Bullseye and hoping they won't be in short supply sometimes next year?

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