Most Amazing Wife EVER!


My wife just announced that my Christmas present this year is an RT-590 with a cover and set of meat claws! She had to tell me early, since she needs me and a buddy to be home to lift it when delivered, LOL. Also, she wanted me to pick out the pellets I wanted, and told me what I had to make for Christmas dinner (pork shoulder). Here comes the gift that keeps on giving!
I ordered 80 lbs of Bear Mountain gourmet blend pellets on a black Friday sale. I joined this group, and "smoking meats" subreddit. I've read the assembly instructions and watched a couple RT videos. What else should a newbie be ready for, right off the bat? I also have a Weber gas grill, and do a lot of cast iron cooking, but low and slow is all new.
Thanks! Looking forward to the journey.
This forum is great for starting out and getting info. I also learned a lot from when I got started years ago, before I had my rec teq. Jeff has a really good cookbook too and a 5 day e course. Well worth checking out both. Lots of good info that translates across cookers. Good luck and welcome to a never ending money suck with tons of enablers on here! 😂
Just worry about your seasoning. If you follow directions the meat will turn out great. Shoulder is near impossible to screw up.
Decide if you’re gonna scrape or foil the grease tray. Wrap or Nekked meat when it hits 160. Are you wrapping in peach paper or foil.
There’s still time to get a thermometer that’s more accurate than the included probes.
Just read a lot on here, even if it’s an old thread, still good info.
This is going to be a steep learning curve for me, because I am a very time-conscious person. This will either help me learn to relax and go with the flow, or will drive me bonkers. I am a a few years from retirement, so hopefully this can be a great relaxing hobby. Thanks for the advice!

The learning curve for you will be quick, and meat is done when it's done. ;)
Time and internal temp are just ball park figures for butt, briskets, and ribs, learn to check for the level of tender.
It has arrived, and is assembled. Doing the burn in tomorrow!
We're both very lucky because my wife got me a 590 for Christmas about 3 years ago. Hope yours works as well as mine does. I have my gas girl sitting right next to it. It will heat up pretty good but it takes a while and I just don't like wasting all the pellets. So I use my smoker to smoke in my gas grill the grill steaks and other things. Let us know how you like it.
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