Grilling Notes: Sunday Pizza on the Bullseye - 3 January 2021


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Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
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....One could understandably scoff at my contention that a whole scale Cable/Internet/Phone service outage would impact a a simple pizza cook on the Bullseye.......I would.....but hear me of the down sides of living where we do is, when you lose some infrastructures (electricity, water, cable/broadband, etc.) you BETTER have a backup, in this case I did, but chose not to use it - THAT is a hit on sometime around 15:30'ish Sunday, we lose our Suddenlink - they are our Cable/Broadband/Phone provider. I keep my "Grilling Notes" on a cloud based capability called "Evernote". Generally speaking, cloud services are great, unless of course you can't get to it......So I tell the wife, I don't remember how long we cooked the pizza on the Bullseye back in Nov......she say's don't worry, I remember the temp was 400 (actually it was 450, but in this case, the 400 setting saved us for a total catastrophe....), we'll check it at 15 min........I say's "good", so I dutifully set my watch for a 15 min alarm..........That was probably ~ 4-5 min TOO LONG......

NOTE: Our experience with Suddenlink where is live is generally pretty good, a total system outage like we experienced on Sunday is a rare occurrence. We have a lot of folks in our neighborhood that like to bash them, but I've found most user issues with the Suddenlink service are user issues associated with a general lack of understanding of how to operate/manage a LAN.......OK, off THAT Soapbox.......
  • Grill Location: Hot Springs Village, AR.; 34 37 60.0N 92 54 55.4W
  • Weather at time of Grill: Clear late afternoon, almost no breeze, 57F Humidity 51%., ~10 Mph wind directly out of the South.
  • Total Grill Time: ~44 Min (16:26 - 17:10 CST) [Grill Start to Grill Off] - includes time to do a hard reset due to an initial ER #1 Code (That was about a 6 min exercise)...
  • Total Event Time: ~62 Min (Prep time + Grill Time) - does NOT include time spent making the dough in the bread maker
  • Grill Plates: N/A
  • Temp Probes: N/A
  • Pellets Used: Rec Tec Ultimate Blend

  • Item Grilled: Homemade Pizza (Ham & Pineapple)
    • ~14” Thin Crust (homemade dough & sauce, w/sausage, onion, bell peppers, & Mozzarella Cheese).
    • Total Pizza Prep Time: ~10 min (does not include making the dough)
    • Total Pizza Grill Time: ~15 min (~16:53 - 17:08 CST) : NOTE This was too long, we should have checked and pulled the Pizza at 10~11 min, so we ended up with some "extra crispy" edges, BUT it was edible and not too bad!

Misc Grill Observations - all times are CST
  • Grill Start to Target Temp 400F: 64F to 400F *~ 24 min (16:26 - 16:50) NOTE: Initial Start produced an error code #1, so being a good engineer, I executed a reset of the ON/OFF button which cleared the error and started the grill with no problems......
  • Pizza placed on a 15” Pizza Stone (Pampered Chef Classic Collection), parchment paper between dough & stone - On the grill at 16:53 CST

General Comments:

  • So every grilling event you can walk away from is a good grilling event......right? <grin>
  • Believe it or not, even though we clearly left this Pizza on about 5 min too long, it was both edible and pretty tasty.
  • I'm going to export my Grilling Notes to OneNote so in the event of an unplanned and ill timed infrastructure outage, I can access them to help me remember how long it took to cook the Pizza last time.......
  • As many have already pointed out, the Bullseye is a GREAT Pizza oven, not sure I'll ever cook a pizza inside again...
  • OBTW, Happy New Year! Hope you all have a safe, healthy, and productive 2021.


  • Topping the Pizza 20210103.jpeg
    Topping the Pizza 20210103.jpeg
    3.3 MB · Views: 37
  • Pizza Topped and Ready for Grill 20210103.jpeg
    Pizza Topped and Ready for Grill 20210103.jpeg
    5 MB · Views: 35
  • Grill and Grill Helper 20210103.jpeg
    Grill and Grill Helper 20210103.jpeg
    2.4 MB · Views: 36
  • Sunset Across Whiskey Cove 20210103.jpeg
    Sunset Across Whiskey Cove 20210103.jpeg
    4.7 MB · Views: 36
  • Pizza on the Grill 20210103.jpeg
    Pizza on the Grill 20210103.jpeg
    4.7 MB · Views: 41
  • Pizze Past Ready for Removal 20210103.jpeg
    Pizze Past Ready for Removal 20210103.jpeg
    1.4 MB · Views: 35
  • Burnt Pizza Ready to be Cut 20210103.jpeg
    Burnt Pizza Ready to be Cut 20210103.jpeg
    1.6 MB · Views: 38
  • Plated Overcooked Pizza 20210103.jpeg
    Plated Overcooked Pizza 20210103.jpeg
    2.7 MB · Views: 37


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I love burnt crust ends.. I always ask the pizzero pie makers to cook it extra and they never do. I guess it is like asking for a well done steak in France?

Love.. Love.. Love your views. Not sure if that glass with a smooth looking cocktail sitting on the Bullseye is better or the view of the lake at sundown with the pontoon having a big old grin on her face. Oh heck.. I guess they go together along with the pizza!! Like ya died and gone to heaven.

Please post more.. love it all. Living my dream.


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Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
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  2. Bullseye

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