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I have no connection to this company, but I bought into the Internet hype and decided to try one of these grill "brushes" from Grill Rescue.

  • The thing just works provided you're using it on a reasonably hot grill (300+) and you've soaked the sponge head in water first.
  • I threw the pad in the dishwasher (on the lower rack so the "juice" doesn't dump all over other dishes) and it came out very clean and ready for it's next job.
  • The version with the scraper blade does wonders at getting my grill surface back to clean bare stainless steel like I never used the grill before even after baked on gunk from long cooks
  • WAY faster cleaning than the wire brushes, scrapers, et al.

  • The company's proud of their product and it is not cheap, bordering on overpriced.
  • The "hook" attachment to hang it with the rest of your tools is an "option"
  • Delivery in this day of Amazon Prime is painfully slow. My Rec Tec arrived faster. Expect 2+/- weeks
  • Being an Internet-based business, the barrage of marketing emails/texts became obnoxious until I stopped them all
  • It's likely Chinese made as their cardboard packaging smells like a$$ to the point where I cleaned/sterilized my brush before using it.

Despite the detractions, I have to admit thoroughly cleaning my grill has never been easier or more complete.

Just my two cents...

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What I use isn't a brush, just coarse stainless steel shaped like a brillo pad and I get at least a year out of it. And I've never found pieces of it stuck to the grate.


I must be doing something wrong then, the sponge attachment keeps falling off the handle. I have about 5 cleanings/attempts with mine then I gave up. :-/ I will say, with a wet sponge and hot grill, it works really well for the 3.5 seconds the sponge stays on. In their defense, I haven’t called them, I figured it was just a one off company that wouldn’t stand behind their product and I’d just be wasting my time. Might reach out and see what they say. Worse they can tell me is no I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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