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    Show us what you're cooking...

    Reversed-seared bone-in pork chops. Smoked them at 180 for about 2 hours, then about 2.5 minutes/side on the gasser. Didn’t suck. Served it with polenta and a salad.
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    Show us what you're cooking...

    Breakfast fatty from Meat Church. It was fantastic.
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    A faulty igniter couldn’t ruin my smoked chicken

    Immediately before I lit it - having the fan blowing is a big help.
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    A faulty igniter couldn’t ruin my smoked chicken

    When I tried to turn my 590 on yesterday, it kept tripping my GFCI after 30-60 seconds. RecTeq’s video on tripping GFCIs was very helpful, and I was able to diagnose the issue as a malfunctioning igniter. Called into RecTeq, and they are shipping me a new igniter, no questions asked. I started...
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    Stolen "Al Pastor" Tacos

    Your post inspired me to give the al pastor tacos a try. Man, they came out great and made my wife and aunt happy. I’ll definitely make this for a party, as it’s an impressive way to feed a lot of people.
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    How’s your Sunday going?

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    Pellet observation

    I noticed the same thing. I think the longer Traeger pellets cause temperature spikes when the pit is set at low temperatures. That’s just antidotal evidence from me.
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    Meat hotter on the bottom

    I noticed the same effect while smoking Ip some homemade bacon last night. The final product turned out great, but the doneness was uneven in the way you described. I positioned the belly in the middle of the grill, which is over the fire pot and deflector. My next attempt will be off center.
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    Show us what you're cooking...

    I bought a 10 lb pork belly at Costco last week. On Sunday I cut it in half. I am curing the first half in my refrigerator right now to smoke next week for bacon. I then smoked the second half without curing for about 6.5 hours at 225 degrees until an internal temperature of 189 degrees. It...
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    Pork shortage this summer?

    I heard on the radio today that there may be a pork shortage over the summer. Apparently there are supply chain issues, and demand will be high as people get back to gathering outside to barbecue. Anyone heard something similar or have any insight?
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    Show us what you're cooking...

    Got this butt on last night at 2 AM, and enjoyed it around 5 PM. Used a basic rub of salt, pepper, celery seed, coriander, and paprika. Served it pulled with Cleveland-style barbecue sauce (thank you, Michael Symon). My wife and MIL loved it, so I guess they’ll tolerate me a while longer, I guess.
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    First set of ribs on the new 590

    Those ribs look fantastic. I did my first ribs today also. And also on the 590. Very much in the same style as yours, but substitute apple cider vinegar for Coke. I did sauce mine at the end with Rendezvous sauce, which my wife loves. I tend to prefer vinegary barbecue over sweet, but your...
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    New 590 owner!!!

    Delicious! Great way to keep in your in-laws’ good graces. I plan the same approach.
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    My RT-590 comes tomorrow.

    I think it did - the new Alpha controller or something like that. Could be mistaken, though. Although I did like the double-walled design of the Silverbac, I couldn’t turn down a grill made almost entirely from stainless steel. Being in Ohio, I want to use my grill all year and not have to drag...
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    My RT-590 comes tomorrow.

    Thanks, brother!