Bullseye Size Question


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Is it possible to easily fold and unfold the legs on a bullseye? I’d love to buy one for tailgating but my truck has a hard tri fold cover and I only have 21 inches of clearance for traveling with it closed.
I wanted a road warrior but it looks like it needs 23.5 for clearance.
I expect you will have to travel with the cover in open mode with the Road Warrior. Or you put the Road Warrior on its back-only 20” in that dimension. Bullseye doesn’t have folding legs, so nope.
Z Grills has a small pellet grill, no idea if it’s any good.
Could consider this.

I have one and it's great. I even attached it to a RT-590 comp cart so my Bullseye rolls around much better.
I have a Base Camp as well and it was too high to go under my tri fold on both my F350 and F150. I do think if you removed the bottom 1inch you’d be low enough. I just flip the tri fold open to give it room when I take it anywhere.
At home I did the Harbor Freight tool cart mod. It works great.

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