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    Kicked from FB group

    I can attest, quick delivery. From California to Florida 4 days from the date of order. Simple install with very clear directions via YouTube and they fit perfectly. Very functional products. I would highly recommend!!
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    RT-700 caster wheel replacement

    I did this wheel mod last month on my 680. Parts are readily available and inexpensive.
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    Purchaseed a 700, what modifications should I consider/add on?

    I did this mod just last month. Parts are readily available and not anything too difficult. Looks great and is a long term fix.
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    Bad experience with Knotty Wood pellets…

    Good to know about KW. I was going to try them due to Jeremy Yoder, Mad Scientist. I discovered Bear Mountain last summer and have found a difference from others. Used to buy whatever was cheap at Walmart since I just couldn't tell a difference. The Bear Mountain are different. Also had the same...