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    Sear plates

    I was at the local farm and home store yesterday and ran across a Weber cast iron sear plate with 13"x19" dimensions. Just wondering if anyone had tried it or something similar other than the aluminum grill grates from Rec Teq. (I prefer cast over aluminum) I know that it would be a little more...
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    MME dropped off my 700 at 1 p.m., unboxed put together and hopper full by about 2:15 (took me a while to round up tools),plugged in and fired up by 2:30, and ran at 400 for a little over an hour. Went back to the office after turning things down for a meeting and back home to cook 2 lbs of...
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    1st experience with Rec Teq Customer Service

    This is my first post to this forum, but I have read many post that tell how great the customer service experience is. I ordered my very first pellet grill/Rec Teq (RT700) on April 27th and it was shipped the very next day. I was amazed and excited that the process was that fast and it was on...