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    The great ReqTec cover question

    I have had to dance with my cover as well and can see where it would be easy to rip if you rush it but after a few times, it does get easier if you're patient.
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    Confusing Cooking Experience - opinions wanted

    I can vouch for the smoke tube. I came from a Traeger which did have a bit better smoke flavor but I had to really baby that thing with spiking temps all the time. I get the smoke tube in as soon as I turn the Bull on and let it sit for 10-15 minutes then add the meat. I've found that I only...
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    Req Teq customer service story

    This is so cool. In times when things are worst, we see bright lights. I'm so glad I gave RecTec my business and that will continue in the future. What a wonderful story!
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    Grease drip stain on exterior

    Do you use it full strength?
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    What are we having for New Years dinner?

    Pulled pork, black eyed pieces with Andouille and cabbage. The peas and cabbage are for good luck and money in the coming year. So I should have cooked 1 shyte ton of each I guess.
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    New to Rectec, Just got a used 680; not getting much smoke

    I have the Bull and do feel that unless you start low (which can greatly increase the cook time) I don't get enough smoke. When doing a Butt or Brisket which already takes a lot of hours, that's just not cool to me so I got a $10 smoke tube and fill it up with pellets and let set the temp to...
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    Do people grill in the rain?

    I have a covered area outside that stays 95% dry. I'm doing a pork butt tomorrow and we're supposed to have "severe weather" tomorrow. I never trust the weather folks but the boss tells me I'm smoking to I have no choice but to follow the queens orders. How'd you get yours done in 6 hours...
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    Feed rate

    I got a smoke tube but don't always use it and when I do, only for a short while. I find that sometimes, it can add too much smoke for my liking.
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    What did Santa bring ?

    I got 2 Rec Tec griddles to go with my Bull (only really needed 1) so tomorrow, breakfast is on me!
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    10 lb Brisket flat

    Just wanted to say that even though I cooked my brisket the night before (finished at 11 pm) and we didn't get the chance to enjoy it fresh off the grill, reheating today went well and this brisket had a great smoke ring, wonderfully tender and absolutely tasty. Other than eating it right off...
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    3rd cook is soon underway...

    Just took mine off the smoker. 9.5 lb flat and it took 14 1/2 hours. Just couldn't work it out to have it ready for Christmas meal so it'll have to be reheated. That's the way things work out this year. Hope yours comes out great!
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    Delayed Online Notifications (Temp status....)?

    I've noticed this for the first time today while doing what is now a 12 hour smoke. The last few hours have been better but about 4 hours after starting the app was way behind and the notifications were delayed 5-15 minutes.
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    Merry Christmas !!

    Merry Christmas and the happiest of a better year ahead. Health and safety to all.
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    Show us what you're cooking...

    5 hours in on this 9.5 lb flat at 250. It's already reached 142 so hopefully, in about 2 hours or so, it'll be in butcher paper and on until about 8 I guess. That would be about 12 hours. I have to say, it's much faster when it's just the flat but we did pay for it!
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    Got our "Rec Tec" Toolbox yesterday