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    Cold smoking

    In the time of the caveman, I worked in a restaurant in New Orleans. They bought an old building which had a large room so they put up a wall that separated it about 25/75. The smaller portion was used to cold smoke meats and seafood. They'd blow smoke in from the larger room with the...
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    Giveaway: Field Cast Iron Skillet #8

    Gimme one!
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    Giveaway: Field Cast Iron Skillet #8

    I've got the Monday Blues!
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    Giveaway: Field Cast Iron Skillet #8

    Free is my favorite 4 letter F word!
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    Easy way to smoke

    Some things just take the fun out of it but it looks like it might be a pretty good idea. Someone try it out and let us know.
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    Pellet Brands

    I've used them and they are fine but I would suggest, when you can, to try a few others that you can find at Lowes or Home Depot such as Pittmaster or Kingsford. Bear Mountain has been good for me too.
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    Whoa, what's going on here?

    Don't know the guy at all and I hope no one thinks I'm trying to get him subs. He seems down to earth in most of his stuff but it's obvious money is no problem. He's got about 6 bbq/smokers of high quality and his spread looks pretty good. I'm not thinking he needs any youtube/google money...
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    Whoa, what's going on here?

    I sub to this guys channel because he smoks ALOT (also a homebrewer with a few vids on that as well) and I only recall 1 video where he did say he's had lots of problems with the 380. But, if he was given this one, why not send it back instead of destroying it?
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    I've had a Thermopen for brewing for 6 years and other than change the battery and keep it clean, it's still as accurate as ever. They do have a line of less expensive thermos that are supposedly good but they seem to put these on sale often. If you can wait, just keep checking and you'll...
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    What's in your mug?

    My latest homebrew, of course! And, this week, Stone's rebirth of their Sublimely Self Righteous Black IPA Cigar City's Jai Alai Founder's KBS
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    Chicken Wings

    I did wings this weekend and they were great but yes, a tad overcooked. I went 275 for 2 hours and 350 for 30 minutes. However, most weren't that big so I assumed they would likely be overcooked. They still disappeared fast!
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    Please DON'T read unless you're seated!

    I'll have to stick to pork. Not that it's a challenge but hot damn! We need a brisket stimulus!
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    Grilling Notes - Andouille (seasoned) Sausages Prep for "Cajun Red Beans & Rice" - 28 January 2021

    ^^^^TRUTH^^^^ Someone in our family goes to Jacob's every 2 months or so and buys a sausage-ton of andouille for all of us. We take turns but it's only about 40 minutes away. But, the smoke on their andouille is so good, you don't have to put it on any pit at all (unless you like it that way)...
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    Rumor has it Recteq is getting new investors

    I'm with you. I must have been doing lots of things wrong for a very long time. And can't stop!
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    The great ReqTec cover question

    I have had to dance with my cover as well and can see where it would be easy to rip if you rush it but after a few times, it does get easier if you're patient.