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Any links to hardware & a how to on wheel mods for newer RT-700's?


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I saw your post on the Bullseye.

RT did let me return the grill. They said they normally charge a 15% restocking fee, but they waived it in this case.
Thanks Chris_G for the reply about the B380 but I can’t seem to find your response. I’m probably doing something wrong. First time I posted on this forum. Krawdad...
Just put together my 590. Am so stoked to use it. Running an hr long first burn. Anything I should know before I put something on it?
New Bullseye owner here! Reverse seared a monster ribeye last night and I am so happy I made the purchase! Question, how I keep the drippings contained and I am assuming I need to vacuum the ashes before each burn?
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If I'm wanting to use the drippings, I will put the meat in a foil pan on a rack. Make sure you don't puncture the pan though..... I will vac out after every long cook, like a butt or something like that. Otherwise, after 2 or 3 cooks generally works for me.
No, you do not need to vacuum the ashes. In fact, it's recommended to just keep the ashes in the bottom of the grill to form insulation to help keep it warm and to absorb the grease. Clean out the fire pot every 4 -5 cooks by scooping the ashes out and putting them in the bottom of the grill.
Centerville, OH
Hey, welcome to the forum! I used to live in Centerville about 20 years ago! You'll like it here, a lot of knowledge. Enjoy your 590.
It’s a great place, thanks. oddly, my daughter and son-in-law recently moved to Evans, GA, home of Recteq. I ordered my 590 in their showroom while I was visiting.
20 lb Beef Chuck clod
5 hours of Smoke
Been in the roaster oven since 230pm
Will cook over night at 200
Chimichangas tomorrow for 50
Family members
Been doing Chimichangas for 20 plus years.
Just received my Bullseye-380. Been trying to get one since it's release. The night it was announced they were in stock, it was again chaotic on the site. Well got it and 3 more(?) This is a fantastic grill for weekly cooks. This adds to the arsenals of cooking devices.


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