What Pellets work or don’t work?


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I've been using the B&B competition pellets from Academy. Don't have any issues at low temp but when turned up to full, I never see temps over 475, even after an hour. I've turned the feed rate up to 90 and it didn't change a thing. Don't know if it's the pellets or not. I may try some lumberjack and see if that helps.
I think the feed rate will only impact "low" temp or minimum temp.

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I think the feed rate will only impact "low" temp or minimum temp.
That is correct, the feed rate setting only affects the minimum temperature that the grill will maintain. Think of it as the idle RPM in your car. Once you push down on the gas pedal (turn up the temp on the grill), the idle RPM (and the minimum feed rate of the grill) has no impact.
I've used a bunch of different species' Traeger pellets that I've bought at the local Ace or True Value, as well as from Home Depot. I've also used Pit Boss from Lowe's, which are half the price of Traeger, and had no issues. I keep mine in 5 gallon buckets with a screw on lid, and keep them inside my house, because of the humidity in my area.

I have had issues with the firebox getting overfilled with pellets, or being filled with ash, so check that, as well. Last night, I held 350 degrees for 2+ hours, removed my protein (7 pound ham) and continued to cook my vegetables, and the grill increased temp to 380 degrees on a 350 set point. I don't know what that was about...



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I just switched over from RT Ultimate blend to the Kingsford with the hope they help get the heat to set temp quicker; Not sure they get to temp quicker but they certainly are good

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