Using GrillGrate on RT-340


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About a year ago, I purchased GrillGrates for my Magic Chef gas grill. The plan was to move the grates to my RT-340 when needed in order to sear or produce those beautiful grill marks. The GrillGrates worked so well on the gas grill that they never got a chance to show their stuff on my smoker.

A week or so ago, GrillGrates held a warehouse sale, getting rid of seconds and overstock items. I scored a small set of grates designed for the Weber Go Anywhere portable grill, for about half price. The plan for this small, 8" x 13", 3-panel kit is to keep it in my RT-340 all the time, resting on the stock metal grates.

I know how to properly use GrillGrates on the gas grill but tonight will be my first attempt using them on a smoker. The meal will be chicken breasts and thighs. Does anyone have advise to share about using GrillGrates on the smoker?

In particular, I am curious about where to position the Grates, (hottest spot?, coolest spot?). Also, should I cook the chicken on the grates the entire time our just use them to crisp things up at the end of the cook and make them finished product look pretty.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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It's really up to you. I put mine on the right side, which is normally the hotter side, but I doubt you'd see much difference between left, right or middle.


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The purpose as you know for grill grates are to get them hot enough to sear so I would seek the hottest spot. I don't have a 340 but I think they might be hottest in the middle based on the dual exhaust on both ends. Again.. just an assumption where the 340 is the hottest but in the end I would go after the hottest area for the best performance.


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I would suggest you put them at the opposite end from the RTD probe so they don’t interfere with temps.

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