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My name is Carlos, I'm Tucson AZ and I just purchased a BFG 2500. I bought this smoker because of the convenience of cooking meats overnight without having to be up all night feeding the fire, used to have a 84 lang deluxe. I read a lot of comments about keeping temperature controlled and I experienced something similar the first couple cooks (i cooked chicken thighs, ribs, and tripas... separate ocassions)
I set the temperature at 250F, it ended up going all the way to 280F. I lowered the temperature all the way down to 225F and that's how I kept it around 250-260F.
I used my smoker to grill some carne asada one day, got it up to 450F, when i was done I wanted to drop the tempature to 250F and it was impossible, I had to turn it off, let it cool down and turn it back on... took around an hour or so.

I'm using a combination of Lumber Jack 100% hardwood Pecan and Treager Cherry hardwood 3/1 ratio.
The time I cooked a rack of baby back ribs i had better luck, the temperature only went about 10 degrees off, I smoked them at 250F for about 3 hrs, it was a small rack. The only thing I noticed was the lack of "smoky" flavor, keep in mind I switched from good'ol fire and stick to pellet... I ordered a smoking tube, I'm planning on using Cherry pellet for that sweet fruity flavor and for the smoker ring, hopefully that solves the "smoky" flavor I was used to.

I really like this smoker, I hope I can figure out smoke ratio, temperature control and all of the other components to get to like this piece of equipment even more. I needed pellet because I have a food truck, I can leave meats smoking while I do other prep!

Any suggestions or comments are very much appreciated! I'll take all the help I can to make a smooth transition from "fire and stick" to pellet!

Thank you

Carlos G
I haven’t had any temperature issues and I’ve had my BFG since December 2020. I too came from a stick burner and could not get the smoke I wanted from the pellets. I do a lot of cold smoking too so I added a Smoke Daddy cold smoker that I had to it it was pretty good but not big enough for the BFG so I ordered the bigger one and now it’s as good as the stick burner although I do have to periodically add chunks to the cold smoker but nothing like tending a fire and accounting for wind and temp.


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