Show us what you're cooking...

Love the convenience of a pellet grill, but still love the flavor of a charcoal grill. Pork chops on the menu tonight along with a salad rooted in Oaxaca! View attachment 21177View attachment 21178

Ok seriously- the bugs are like croutons? Or bugs are dressed like a bulgar wheat salad?
Dry rub overnight frigitated & apple slice external/internal tucked in, 2+ lb. bourbon bacon-wrapped and smoked pork tenderloin. The stainless fish spatlua was just large enough to coax off of the RT-1250 :)

I did the heavy lifting a day in advance and then sliced and heated before "devouring"...

Bargain shopping.... 26 drumsticks, 4 bone-in strip, 3 pans pork/beef meatloaf, 4 peperoni/sausage detroit pizzas (sheet pan). I get a few days off now as the left overs are devoured. We get our signals crossed every now and then, there's a buildup of raw materials and it has to get used. The meatloafs were done on the recteq, steaks and chicken messed up my foil (fubar) - so pizzas were just done inside in the convection oven. Busy day - time for a drink!
Balut is the only thing I kinda regret not trying. Filipino neighbor cooked up a batch, offered them to me and I said I wasn't drunk enough yet. Watched him eat quite a few - he took small bites to show me the pin feathers on the head, the heart, etc. Interesting to watch, wasn't brave enough to try at the time.

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