Sear plates

Grill(s) owned
  1. BFG
Can I use the sear plates on the top grate of the BFG? Will it work as well as putting then the bottom grate?


Can you use them on the top grate-of course. Will they work as well as putting them on the lower grate-no. Looks like you have a seat grate-give it a try both ways and let us know what you find out.

i’d suspect that the grill grates on a BFG would have a hard time getting hot enough for a good sear on any of the grates, but I certainly could be wrong. I expect you would really benefit from a different grill to get a great sear, like the Bullseye or a gas or charcoal grill.
I get a really good sear with the sear plates on the bottom grate. I will try it on the upper just to see what I get. I will post later on that.
Has anyone used cast iron grill pans or griddles? I wonder if those would achieve the same results?

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