Scary second cook 380x

I don't know about the RT recommends priming after ever use. It's contrary to their statement here. The ignition cycle primes it for ignition.

"Place a small handful of pellets in the Fire Pot. Do not overfill. Do not obstruct the air-holes, as fire needs oxygen. The purpose of this is to "prime" the Fire Pot. When a grill is brand new the auger tube is devoid of pellets (fuel). This step will allow the grill to start a fire as the auger pushes pellets toward it. You will not have to repeat this step UNLESS you run the grill completely out of pellets."
I read that in the manual after my post, guess there is no need for the extra after vacing out the firebox, as long as I don’t suck the pellets out of the end of the auger, I’ll try it next cook.
Well, we dont often stop to ask for directions do we? Manuals and YouTube videos are not needed. Most guys are guilty. You just did it in a spectacular way... good thing it wasn't worse. Good Luck friend.

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