Rewarming Smoked Meats and Fish


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I’m attending a long overdue family reunion in September. I haven’t seen some of these folks in 30+ years.

I have volunteered to do all of the grilling/smoking because I’m also the only family member who really enjoys that.

The location for the event only offers a cheap gas grill, which in my view, equates to a “lousy bake oven.”

So, I am considering preparing things a day or two in advance on my RT-700, and just taking them with me because I don’t want to lose all of my time with family monitoring a leaky, inconsistent, gas grill,

I’ve settled on salmon, roasting chickens, brisket, and St. Louis style ribs. The burgers and brats are easy to do at the site.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to reheat any of those at the event to prevent them from becoming dried out or otherwise inedible?

I can reheat all the above, but I only do it as leftovers for me, I wouldn’t want to serve it to guests.

How far away, how many people, and is there electric?
I've done a lot of offsite cooking. I just did a cook for some friends in ME and did 5 racks of ribs and two butts and transported them in a cooler 4 hours away and reheated on the third day. The only reheating option for me was an oven. Not ideal, but it passed.

That will be harder with the leaner meats like fish and chicken.
Are the foodsaver bags OK for use with the sous vide reheating method? I vac seal my pulled pork in 1lb portions. Do I just put them in a pot of simmering or boiling water?

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