Remote Start Regulation

So, awesome questions sdynak.

I'll start with the last one first.

>> Any reason you didn't go with the Gen3 mini?

Not good reasons. truthfully, any Shelly 1 with dry contacts will work. The gen3 mini is even cheaper, so it is not about price. At the time of my purchase, I could get the Shelly 1 delivered faster. I was impatient. Another worry was compatibility. I think this was unwarranted, but I could find NodeRed nodes that guaranteed compatibility with Shelly1 but not for Shelly 1 gen 3 mini. they are probably backward compatible. And the last thing was something to do with HTTP vs MQTT. I dont remember what the details were any more. So, all pretty lame reasons.

>> Shelly is it set as a momentary switch I assume in the app?

Yes, I use a three second cycle.

>> I assume you could also initiate the shutdown with the same action as turning on if a momentary switch?

Yes, and this is just me being lazy again. It is reasonable to remote start the grill when you are busy doing other things and want to preheat the grill, and there is no food on the grill yet. However, there is no reason you cannot tap the button to shut if off when you are physically at the grill to remove the food.

[ lazy part ] I use an alexa subroutine to say "Alexa, start the grill" I could just say the same thing and it would shut the grill off. But, OCD would not allow me to do that, and I would have to add a redundant "Alexa, shut off the grill" and that is too much work, since I am literally standing 6" away from the button taking the food off the grill.

Awesome feedback.. the Shelly will be a first in my home existing automation ecosystem so wasn't sure of the settings on that yet.

I do typically run a cooldown cycle before shutting off when cooking at higher temps so having a routine and adding the shutdown to Alexa makes sense for me. Although in the end the same result but different commands. And of course, can always control this part via the OEM if chosen.

I really don't like the 3rd party app route as it seems sketchy on the developer side and could be blocked leading to the same issue. I would have just dealt with it.

Thanks again for taking the first shot here. I was hesitating as it is not a huge feature for me but you doing it inspired me to go for it :).
LOL - I should have tried that .... Well, it was fun with the shelly.

One question though, is there any problem with the grill being paired with two applications? The smart life app and the recteq app at the same time?
The answer to this question is you have to use one or the other but not both. The "wife factor" would not allow me to substitute the tuya app for the recteq app ... she likes it. If she likes it, I dont have to be the one to cook all the time
Can confirm mini Shelly works fine.

Just to mention time seems ok with 1 second then off for the momentary action.

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