Poultry Party Wings (Flats and Drums Separated)

Dwight Smokem

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I bought whole wings, then cut them into flats and drums with some good kitchen shears. I put them in a gallon freezer bag overnight with Franks xtra hot sauce. I do not like overly spicy but since this is being done as marinade I found that not enough sauce penetrated to make them too hot.

Next evening, laid all the wings out on baking sheet, patted the skins dry with paper towel, sprinkled my fav wing rub on them. Smoker set to 230 while I let rub set in (maybe 25 mins). Wings put on smoker, all skin side up. I do this bc the smoker won't be hot enough to cook skin if facing down and by putting the non-skin down I think you get better smoke penetration. Cook for approximately 45 mins or until about 150 degrees internal temp. While they're smoking prepare a pot/pan of oil about 2-3" deep is all you need, try to steady oil temp around 360 degrees. When you remove wings, fry them in oil about 60-90 seconds or until you can see skin "shrinking" up to crisp, then remove and very lightly dust with rub while hot. This method produced wings I would have no problem submitting in competition. Deep smoke flavor, bite through skin, and the flash fry also locked in the juiciness.


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