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Hi All,

Brand new to BBQ and just purchased a RT-1070 with hopes of mounting into an outdoor kitchen I have plans for next spring. Looking forward to reading up and learning from all of your posts on "best practices".

I got her seasoned and planning on doing a brisket and burnt ends as well as some pork belly for bacon.

I grabbed some Traeger Reserve Pellets from Ace Hardware to start with but I was reading that Lowes or TSC might have good pellets for less.

Quick question on the pork belly for bacon, does using Apple pellets really make a difference?

PS, not sure why the photos are sideways, sorry



KEEP IT DRY! I've been procrastinating on getting a new HD cover custom made, my cover is a little over a year old and works a little better than covering the grill with a tshirt. Depending on your tastebuds the Apple may impart a sweet smoke, but very light. I personally like the stronger wood flavors on my bacon - especially mesquite. Also, I do cold smoked bacon - the grill will do 180 at the lowest, which for my purposes is no good. You could play with the temp offsets and get a lower temp but seems like a lot of work.
I've replaced the auger motor, rtd and igniter - due to bad cover/no cover and getting rained on. Keep It Dry!
Thanks Charles,

So are you saying the cover that came with it is too thin, if so any recommendations on a better one?
Fwiw, I’ve had at least a dozen covers over the years, all different makes looking for a good one, 3 already on my 2020 340, average is maybe 18 months. Guess there’s a reason they are cheap. I have not gone with a custom made as yet.
If you mean me best I can do is tell you I got this one off Amazon “Stanbroil Heavy Duty Waterproof BBQ Gas Grill Cover Replacement for Pit Boss 71700FB, 340 Trailblazer, Classic 700, Lexington 500 and Lexington 540 Series Wood Pellet Grills
and it’s still waterproof and looks decent, bought Mar 22, so 18 months and counting. Goes on and stays on well. Keep in mind this particular one is for a 340, no idea if they have one that will fit a 1070. I’ll reorder this one when needed if I can.

I’ve currently got a Kong on the kettle, don’t care for that one, and a Nexcover on the gasser that’s okay although it stuck to the grill the first real hot day in the sun. It did come off and has been fine since, just gave me a scare when I first tried. Also had a handle rip off after 6 months or so which they replaced with no questions.

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