New member- owner of RT700 w/ new SmokeBox


North Bend, WA
Grill(s) owned
  1. Bull
Been smoking for about 9 yrs or so. Started with a MES-30, then a Pitboss. Got tired of the problems I was having with my Pitboss and moved up to the RT-700 about a year ago. Just got the Smokebox today (haven't had time to install it yet, though).
Love doing Baby Backs, Boston Butt, Salmon, Steelhead, whole Chickens & Turkeys, and Tri-Tips. Done a few briskets, too, but it's usually just me and the wife so a whole packer brisket is just too much. My avatar is a Tri-tip I smoked like it was a small brisket. Came out great!
Oh, and I LOVE jerky but I'm not happy with my marinade, so if anybody has a good jerky marinade they really love, I'm looking for some to try out.

BTW, I'm a homebrewing beer geek too.


Grill(s) owned
  1. RT-1250
Ordered and installed my smoke box about 2 weeks ago for my 1250, That thing is a beast and you will notice a lot more smoke in that box than in the main grill area because of the smaller area. Did a dozen blocks of cheese and they came out really good. I didn’t turn on the grill I just put a smoke tube in the main part of the grill and within 10 min that box was full of blue smoke. Going to play with the temps to get the box up to 225 range and put a pork butt in for a long cook to see how it works out. Good luck.

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