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just got the matador in today and did the first cook. Question is how does heat adjustment work? The burner controls show off to max but at about 25% below max the burner shuts off. Is this bascially a on/off, hence the statement in the manual that it had 3 heat settings?

If this is the case its disappointing as the competitors have a wide range of adjustments with by including an adjustable regulator. Anyone tried installing an adjustable regulator? Ive got a spare and may give it a try.

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I hear you, and have encountered about the same thing. My impression thus far is that the controls probably have enough range of adjustment, but that the burners are highly sensitive to blow-out at low settings even though there is a wind screen. It hasn’t been a deal breaker thus far, as I have wanted the higher temps for anything I’ve cooked on it. I still don’t have a lot of experience with the Matador myself, so I’ll be following to see if others have an opinion. Oh, one thing to check that I don’t believe is covered in the manual, the brass knurled rings on each adjuster are to set the fuel/oxygen ratio. It’s worthwhile to check under low/no wind conditions to ensure you have that optimized.

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