Multiple Mods for new RT-700 plus the BFG 2500 Auger mod (not shown)


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  1. Bull
Got my RT-700 yesterday and I've spent 8 hrs modding it lol...haven't even plugged it in yet! After readingthe forums, I did the drip shield mod on the lid along with Lava Lock gaskets, the 6db mod on the wifi, added a big collapsible shelf and a Camp Chef Sidekick plus corner guards.

Shelf Collapsed View attachment 11532 Backstop mod from small workshop silicon clamp covers View attachment 11533 Camp Chef Sidekick attached View attachment 11534 Camp Chef Griddle View attachment 11535 Antenna mod on the control board View attachment 11536 Camp Chef propane holder and SS hose View attachment 11537 Corner Guards (I cut easy lol) View attachment 11538 Clearn Lines before RTV 650 High Temp Sealant View attachment 11539 Not the best metal work but functionable View attachment 11540 36 x 16 Folding Shelf upright View attachment 11531 in
Awesome mod! May have been asked before, but if you use the sear station(?) where does the great go?

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