Meat Church Rubs

Greg Jones

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It's a BBQ chain restaurant. Their food is "meh" but the rib rub is pretty damn tasty. I've seen it at most chain stores (King Soopers./Kroger/etc.) too.
Famous Dave’s rub was the gold standard in out house for many years. My wife would put it on and in anything on the table. When I set out to make my own ‘AP’ rub, it had to be indistinguishable from Famous Dave’s. I accomplished that with a rub that had way to many ingredients in it, but it’s good!

I didn’t dislike their restaurant ribs either, although if you make it better yourself everything else is spoiled for you. I no longer buy chain restaurant BBQ, steaks, prime rib, etc. just because I do it better. When I eat out, which is almost never these days, I pick meals that I don’t cook at home.


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Thanks everyone for the input. That’s one of the many great things about this forum.


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I use Meat Church Holy Gospel, The Gospel, Holy Cow, honey Hog and Voodoo, love them all as has everyone that had something I made with them.

The Deez nuts flavor description dosen't sound hood to me so never tried it.

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