Killa Grilla Grate for 380


I have This grate for my RT-B380 and I love it. Bought it after the OEM grate rusted/warped badly and I love it. Absolutely the best aftermarket accessory I have purchased for any grill!
Thanks Guys! You helped me find what I have been scouring the Interweb for a while. The Killa Grilla grates are awesome, but they are expensive and the shipping is pricey, with no exception to avoid. So $105 to your door. The grate you suggested at Big Poppa's is $59 right now and if I get to $75, shipping is free. I can always use a couple of more rubs. So, like for like, a big savings, and seem to have the same specs. Certainly heavy enough for me. Luv this forum!!!


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Grill(s) owned
  1. Bullseye
I absolutely recommend the Aura cast iron grate for the Bullseye. It is BEEFY. But has substantially improved cooking burgers, chicken, etc.

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