Intermittent Ignition - Negative Customer Service Experience


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Seems the CS (perhaps with the expansion of their business) has suffered. If someone told me this issue and it works on the phone while doing the "tests in test mode", then I would want them to look at their igniter and where the placement is as Greg said.

When I got my first RecTeq in 2019, I always had great customer service experiences and honestly have ever time I've had to call. I have yet to have a bad experience but I see more and more stories like this. Back then at least, I know most if not all of their CSR's had a RecTeq themselves which will obviously help troubleshooting as they most likely have had to do themselves on their own grill. Perhaps some of these new folks do not and are just reading from a script but hands on experience will usually lead to common sense and good troubleshooting.

I'm happy this forum could help you!


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WOW.....don't use your grill much eh? Glad to hear that seems to have resolved the issue. :)
I knew someone would probably call me out on this. 😊. Its just my wife and me. Also, I tend to cook large quantities and vac seal/freeze for later use. So, yeah, I don’t fire up the smoker as often as many.

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