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I have had my RT-590 for about 6 months and I love it. It is fantastic for long cooks and when you don't need a lot of searing.

My question is about the hopper. I fill it up for long cooks. I have to check it from time to time, because the pellets will not "settle" the auger creates a "hole" in the pile of pellets.

It is also difficult to distribute pellets in the hopper - because of the safety grid.

Is this normal for everyone, or is there something not working right in my smoker?


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I see the same happen occasionally with my BT-380. I just brush the ones atop the safety grid down and add more pellets to fill in the gap.


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I believe the only reason the grid is there is because RT's lawyers demanded it for a CYA. With an auger turning that slow only a stupid idiot would get a finger pinched in it.
You'd be amazed how many stupid idiots there are in the world. And lawyers are happy to represent them when they do stupid idiot things. As the saying goes, "there's a story behind every warning label."

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I took the grid out of my Bullseye just because I wanted to be able to grab pellets to prime the fire pot after cleaning, left the grid in my wife’s RT-340for now as it’s next to the Bullseye, and the RT-700 doesn’t have a grid. I agree it’s a CYA thing on recteq’s part.

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