Pork Home cured and smoked ham. Do I add a rub?


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I'm on Day #5 on an uncooked, uncured 10 pound ham that I am curing before smoking in the next day or so. I've never done this so my question is do I apply some sort or rub or will that venture too far from a classic smoked ham? This is a wet cure with kosher salt, Prague #1 salt, brown sugar, and some ground clove. I have a rub that I use on ribs and pulled pork, but I'm not sure it would be appropriate on a ham. Any recommendations/experience?
Well I went ahead and cured for 5 days, desalinated for a day, and cooked at 225 overnight to internal temp of around 145 - 150. I put a light coat of my favorite pork rub.

I've only sampled a few small pieces so far, but it looks and tastes like ham.


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Yeah I'm not really a ham guy either, but other family members are so I thought I'd give it a try. Mainly another excuse to smoke something.
I am a “ham guy” but tend to go with beef, fish, and other types of pork. I would greatly appreciate a referral to comprehensive instructions on how to brine and smoke a ham or a camp ham.

That looks great BTW.
I followed this recipe but doubled the brine recipe given the size of the ham. I did the whole thing in a 5 gallon bucket in my garage fridge. The desalinating for a day after brining is a must. I tied the whole thing with twine before smoking. I did apply a sweet/spicy rub before smoking.

I'll probably try it again, but I enjoyed making home cured corned beef/pastrami more. It's smoked prime rib for me this year for Easter.

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