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I'm a very new owner of the RT-590 grill. I have owned two other pellet grills in the past and had a process I went through on shutdown when cooking at high temperatures. Currently if I'm cooking at 400 or above and want to shutdown, I set the grill to 250 and let it come down close to that, then hit the power and it shuts off after 5 mins. The first two times I did this it causes smoke to come through the pellet hopper. It makes me nervous of course but it eventually stops.

I'm curious what process people use to shutdown? Do you just hit the power button at high temps? Open the lid after hitting shutdown? My criteria is that I want to just shutdown safely and I'm not in a hurry to get it cooled off.

Hit the power button and leave the lid open... at least that's what I do....

I store mine in a shop with a cover so want it to cool down quickly so I can cover it and not have to leave it outside for a long period of time
If I have been cooking at a high temp I reduce it when I get done and let her run for a little bit at the lower temp. Then I hit the power button. I just leave the lid down.
If I'm running 400+, I will lower the temp to 225 and let it run there a few minutes before shutting down. I never let it get back to 225, in the summer it could take an hour to get down to temp. Just 10 minutes or so to let the pot burn all the excess pellets and settle into its minimum burn scenario. I leave the lid open after starting the shutdown sequence.
Recommend not leaving the lid open during shut down. If you have wind blowing it will keep the fire box burning and eventually burn the pellets in the auger back up to your pellet box. Trust me from experience, keep it closed.
Thanks again for all the feedback everyone, such a great community. I think the only thing I see still is when I go to turn down the temperature, when running over 325+, to prepare to turn it off I see smoke coming through the pellet hopper. It lasts probably 5 mins or so and then stops. Im pretty diligent in terms of cleaning including the firepot. I may end up draining the box and use an air compressor to blow air into the auger to clear anything out in terms of ash. My minimum feed rate is 3.0% which is what it shipped with and could this be a cause? Just not sure at this point.
I have found that when I vacuum the firepot and top of the auger that is espoused in the bottom of the pellet hopper gets majority of the pellets out.

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