Grease Fire in My Bull! What did I do wrong

I’ve been very careful to keep clean foil, clean grates, and clean sear plates in my RT-700. Last night I was cooking eight bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs along with mixed vegies marinated in Italian dressing.

I had the temp set to 395, and as everything reached the desired internal temperatures, I opened the Bull and had an instantaneous grease fire that just about singed my face.

Any suggestions about what caused it and how to avoid a repeat would be greatly appreciated.
WOW, sorry. I cook full packs of thick cut bacon on my 700 all the time. I use the grilling mats from RTQ. I cook them at 375° for 12 to 17 minutes depending on crispness desired. I always scrape the drip tray before these type cooks. I have never had a grease fire in over five years now. Give it another try. The Recteq cooks' bacon the best.

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