good recipes for smoked Beef tenderloin


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So I live by a halal butcher and I buy beef tenderloins for 22 dollars for a tenderloin that is about 18 inches in length. Previously I would cut it into filets and cook like a steak on grill grates. Now I would like to smoke the whole tenderloin at once low and slow. Please if anyone has a good recipe on smoking a beef tenderloin or advice please pass it along Thanks in advance


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I have not done one, but I would trim off the silver skin and excess fat, season with Heffer Dust and smoke @ 225 until internal temp 125. Then sear it on all sides at a high temp 475+ on flat side of grill grates or what ever you have available to do that. I just put this on my to do list!


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smoke @ 225 until internal temp 125. Then sear it on all sides at a high temp 475+ on flat side of grill grate

I've done a lot of them this way, but I use a standard Montreal steak seasoning with a very course grain.


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I have done a couple dozen beef tenderloins, but on my charcoal Weber kettle. I put sea salt and pepper on it, bring it to room temp and cook it on indirect heat, turning after about 15 minutes. Cook for about 60 minutes to reach about 145F. I have not let it rest because I want to stop it cooking. It's juicy and always delicious. Now, I can't tell you the temp but I plan to try this soon on my RT590 which arrives tomorrow. Side note, I always add cherry chips on the coals.

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